Charlie Hebdo #NoHateSpeech

Good evening!

Here I am, pouring blueberries all over the floor and trying to argue with people who don’t even try to understand. Not unexpected. Haven’t been reading or thinking about much else than Charlie Hebdo lately, and it was time to also write something. My Facebook feed has been filled with intelligent, analytical and compassionate articles and comments. Not a single one being xenophobic, intolerant or hateful in any other way.

So I thought it’d be a great idea to interact a bit with the world outside of this bubble. Like, really, really far away. Ending up at some not very nice page, I’ve spent hours and hours reading about war crimes, freedom of religion and migration statistics, as well as writing essays in the comment fields. I suggest more people should try it (carefully though), if you haven’t yet. It has been rather interesting doing the research itself, and trying to understand the mentality and the (lack of) logics of those discussions and people. And practicing rhetorics and niceness… 🙂

I guess we all know how the discourse goes, but still it amazes me. ”You’re naïve as well as completely stupid. Wake up!” (Thanks for trying?). ”You are a coward and a Muslim appeaser and apologist. In ww2 you would be apologising for hitler and Stalin. Get some balls you pathetic left wing appeaser. Or better still go live in Saudi Arabia”. (What, what, what?). Well, these answers were almost nice compared to what else was written. Somebody, help them. All I did was to present some facts and numbers, to question some prejudices and to ask if not all humans are equal in worth and should be entitled the right to life, freedom and security. That’s what we’ve learned from childhood, isn’t it?

Obviously I have the best friends ever (thank you ♥). Unfortunately, I don’t think the rest of the society is quite the same. The racism and religious intolerance is greater than I think when I’m in my own bubble, even though I am well aware that the problems exists. All these desultory accusations and unfounded hate from supposedly adult people; I don’t know whether I should laugh of cry. But we just have to be louder. To show them, to show each other, and to show the world – love and respect is not that freaking hard.





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