Bombs in Kunduz

The room suddenly felt colder as I read the tragic news from Kunduz, Afghanistan. Hospital bombed, burned, destroyed. Patients, doctors, nurses injured and killed. Attacked in a hospital providing non-discriminatory healthcare, protected according to International Humanitarian Law. In a hospital that has received around 100 patients daily for the past week, in an area affected by heavy fighting, in a region where healthcare facilities are already scarce.

400 local healthcare workers and 10 international staff – how many of them can, and want to, keep on working? On the other hand, how many have no other choice? For how long will people feel the consequences of this event; how many people have now lost their only possibility of accessing healthcare? And the people whose lives were lost – patients, doctors, humans – may they rest in peace.


It took a while for me to share this because it was shocking, but also because I was discussing with myself. I don’t share news very often on my page, even though I know that there are many things worth talking about, both good and bad. When I’m sharing this, does it mean that I find this more important than all other conflicts and incidents that I’m not mentioning?

Inevitably, this event affects me more becuase it’s about healtcare workers, because it’s Afghanistan (you may ask me why), because I have spent much of the past year working on healthcare in danger. As I am finally sharing this, I guess I have reached a conclusion. Of course I’m biased, even though I wish I wasn’t. But ultimately, I don’t think it’s possible for one person to mourn every single tragedy that happens.

We can (usually) always do more but we won’t be able to do everything. It doesn’t mean that the things that we don’t do are less important, and it doesn’t mean that the small things that we do are bad. ”A little” might not be perfect, but it’s surely better than nothing at all? As to end this with an action point, I’m committing myself to (try to) share more articles that I find important. [You may unfollow me now]



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