Day 28: Bombs in Ankara

The update I’m fine and safe doesn’t feel meaningless today. I’m in Marmaris at the moment, on the west coast of Turkey, so I didn’t know anything about the bombings in Ankara until some hours ago – in the same way as most of us read news about terror attacks, conflicts and disasters in far away countries. For me it’s not far away anymore – it’s real. Ankara is my home now. Videos showing the streets you’ve walked on less than a week ago full of injured and panicking people, victims of a bomb attack killing 86 people if not more, it feels surrealistic. As I understand it, it was a peaceful demonstration. It was a demonstration for peace, attacking only the violence between Turkish and Kurdish groups, using only words. What if I would’ve passed by, what if I would’ve attended? It sounds like something that I could’ve attended, at least in Sweden. I promised my parents to not do those things before I came here, but it didn’t feel so serious. Now, it’s serious and it’s real.
Another sad thing is that there are probably people who have long ago grown used to these kind of things – to see their homes destroyed and their neighbours suffering, in pictures, in articles, on TV…

I’m going back to Ankara tomorrow. May the victims rest in peace. May the survivors, and the rest of the human population, soon find a way to live in peace.



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