Sweden, what’s up?

On the 22nd of October, a young man marches into a elementary school in Sweden, equipped with a sword and a knife. He has previously shown support for right wing extremism and nazism, and he chooses his victims based on their appearance. A 20 year old teaching assistant is killed as he tries to protect the students. More people are attacked. A 15 year old boy becomes the next victim. And the media talks – what is this called? A lonely madman? An attack on the whole society, or only some parts? Terrorism, racism, structures. I cannot read anymore.

Yesterday, an agreement on Migration and Integration was made between parliament parties. Not all bad, but what is this thing with temporary, instead of permanent, residency permits? It is an emergency measure and provides protection from immediate refoulement when resources are too scarce to offer a sustainable solution. Is this the best that we can do in Sweden? What does it mean to live three years in a country, without knowing if you will be able to stay?
What will be the psychological, social and developmental consequences? What will be the benefit of these changes, and are they really bigger than the costs and the suffering caused – or is this only a facade of responsibility, after all pretty, empty words of something called humanity? Do we expect the current big conflicts to end within three years? I hope, but I’m not holding my breath.

And today, Sweden once again woke up to the news of burning houses. Two burning building, in different cities, envisaged refugee centers. The fifth, or sixth, or maybe seventh time since last week? No natural cause to the fires can be found. Meanwhile, the far-right anti-immigration party Swedish Democrates is sharing maps and addresses of refugee shelters because… Apparently it’s called democrary.

And people keep on fleeing from violence and war. Forced recruitment, oppression, discrimination. Looking for freedom of expression, fair opportunities, education, safety, a normal life. I will listen to ”För alla namn vi inte får använda” and go back to sleep under a stone.

Kalla mig hjälte!
Kalla oss hjältar!
För alla gränser vi överlevt.
För alla rädslor vi trotsat
Kalla mig hjälte!
Kalla oss hjältar!
För mitt mod.
För alla liv vi aldrig kommer få.
Kalla mig vid mitt rätta namn.



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