Day 51: Happy fluffy day

It was a slow start, our house is still freezing and I simply did not want to go out. We had a meeting today for the residency permit thingy, for the third time. Exciting, no? No.

But then, for no reason at all, today became one of those days where everything just seems beautiful for no reason at all.One of those days when I take 5000 pictures of nothing in particular because it looks pretty, and later looking at the pictures wondering what in the world I saw.

It felt like spring in the air (my associations might be a bit weird yes), summer under the sun, and freedom to just walk and walk. Then, I get happy for the happy feelings and it becomes an upward spiral. ☀ (I don’t really believe in being happy simply by choosing to be happy, like, why would I choose to be unhappy?)

Don’t know how that happened, but I’ll just enjoy for as long as it lasts 🙈
Maybe climb up the roof and watch the stars. ⭐

[Happy fluffy update over, hope you’ve also had a happy fluffy day 🌸🐶🌈💚🎈]



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