#Iam… Solidarity

I’ve seen a lot of French flags these days, as to show solidarity following the attacks in Paris.

Other flags are also popping up on profile pictures of people who wish to bring attention to tragic events taking place in other parts of the world. Events in countries further away, affecting people that we tend to forget about.

And I think it’s nice to show solidarity. So I was trying to decide which flag to choose. First, I was thinking Lebanon, or Afghanistan. Then I thought Syria. Maybe Palestine. Or Iraq. Or…

But then I thought, why? What does it mean to me, when I put a flag on my picture? I don’t intend to support one country, I don’t want to pray for one country.

I want to pray for humanity, For anyone, anywhere, who faces the cruelty that can sometimes exist in our world. Pray for the citizens of a country, or for the non-citizens, for the people forced to leave their countries, for the people who never belonged to a country…

Why does it matter anyways.




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