Let’s understand each other

Seriously. Can we see beyond all those labels just for once, and see the humans that we happen to be? The last thing that our societies need now is even more suspicion and polarization.

Every day, I see posts about people who have been mocked or even attacked solely due to their appearance and their clothes, their perceived ethnicity and religion. People who have been falsely accused for beeing criminals, by other individuals, by the media, even by the security service. Seriously, are we not better than this?

Every day, I’ve see posts from people defending themselves and their religion, comdemning and apologizing for acts that have not been involved in, that really have nothing to do with them. I understand why this is happening, but it breaks my heart. Yes, it’s good for others to see, and maybe they will understand better. But seriously, can we not figure it out ourselves?

And why don’t we all show our repulsion for things such as the killing of innocent people anyways? These acts have all been committed by humans, and as a fellow human, I would just like to let you know that I don’t support them – may it be bombs or shootings or school attacks.

I don’t know if you ever suspected me but I mean, I might come from the same continent as the perpetrator. We might speak the same language, have the same blood type, or hair colour, or… Well. We are 1,3 billion people in this world, most of us are not terrorists, rapists or such things. I could spend my time being afraid of everyone because, who knows. Humans are crazy.

But seriously. Isn’t this enough? Enough hate, prejudice and violence. Please, can we start to listen to each other, talk to each other, respect each other and, eventually, maybe, hopefully, understand each other?






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