Study Session anniversary!

Three years ago, I attended my first international study session. For the first time, I went abroad by myself, to meet loads of people from different countries and to discuss important topics. I miss Budapest, the aweinspiring people, the beautiful memories. Warming each other like bees in the cold, playing the piano in the lobby, late-night talks and dances. I will never forget. The sad thing about these years is that I still haven’t re-seen any of you again! But I’m sure, one day —<3

Since 2012 though, I’ve had incredibly many opportunities to attend similar events – meetings, conferences, workshops…. It has been as amazing _every_ _single_ _time_, and I’m so grateful for getting these chances. It’s crazy how much you learn, how close you can get to people after spending a week together. I will spend the night thinking about memories and smile stupidly to myself. Well, they say nostalgia promotes altruism and pro-social behaviours so that should be good right?

A random shout out to the people who from time to time makes my life amazing ❤ Thank you ❤ (including people that I’ve met elsewhere than these events hahaha)

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