It hurts everywhere

My thoughts go to the victims of the attack in France last night, in Iraq yesterday, in Lebanon two days ago, in Afghanistan last week…
Because this happens to be the news that reached me these days.

My thoughts go to the people dying on the Mediterranean Sea, in Europe, in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Libya… Fleeing these kind of attacks.
Because this happens to be what my friends have told me about.

My thoughts go to all those other tragedies that I can actually not even think about, because I don’t know that they exist. Because media hasn’t written about them. Because no one is speaking about them.

My thoughts go to all of humanity – humans victims of other humans’ thirst for money and power. Not due to ethnicity, social group or religion – terrorism has no religion.
Because I too am a human, because all these lives matter.
If we can create all of this mess, we must surely be able to fix it too? A little? If we start to think and feel and care and act – at least we could try…



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