Decision: Christmas on Lesvos

As you might know, I’m on new adventures in Turkey. As you most probably know, Christmas is coming up soon. I’m not going home to Sweden for Christmas this year, and I will not buy any Christmas gifts. Instead, I’ve decided to go to Lesvos – the Greek island that has gotten famous due to the hundreds-thousands of refugees arriving each day.

In spite of the political measures taken to reduce the number of refugees reaching Europe, the need for help on Lesvos has not declined much. The winter is not making life easier either. On the island, volunteers help with everything from receiving boats to sorting clothes to cooking food and distributing blankets. I’ve been in touch with some organisations there, and hopefully I will be able to contribute something meaningful.

I will fund my own travel, accommodation, food and so on, but I would need you help to buy more of the needed items for the refugees. If you could send me a contribution during these two days, no matter how big or small, it would be super-duper appreciated! (Are you not in Sweden? Well, if you reeeeally want to make a donation then we can discuss how that works. Or I’m sure there are other amazing people/ organisations around you who would appreciate it and use it wisely too!)

I hope that you’re doing great in Sweden, or wherever you are in the world. Hope you’ll have a beautiful and peaceful Christmas!

Much love,

Molyvos, Lesvos


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