Arrival to Lesvos

We went by boat from Turkey to Greece today, like a lot of people do.
We took the ferry, a calm 1,5h journey costing about 15 euro. Like a lot of people don’t do.

I’m on Lesvos now, and staying the night at a friends place in Mytilini. There are not so many refugees here nowadays, says her family, and recommends me to go north. I’ve seen maybe around fifty people in tents around the harbour and in some parks.

I’m trying to learn some words in Greek, Arabic and Farsi, which I think might be useful, and trying to get a better picture of the needs through researching online. 9 boats arrived to the north coast during the day (or during the night), at the same time, the situation in Moria, one of the camps in the middle of the island, has worsened as a consequence of changing policies for asylum seekers from North African countries. What to do, that’s the question. Anyhow, I’m off to Petra/Molyvos tomorrow.

Good night!





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