Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope that you’ve had a lovely Christmas Eve!


I’m in Petra, just came home after a Christmas get-together at one of the transit centers. No boats during the nights what I know – we were only volunteers and organisations there. During the day, there were four (or was it fourteen?) arrivals to the north coast. The volunteers are patrolling the beaches, sometimes in boats, to help the refugees as they arrive. Then, they are brought to a transit center – like the one we were at today, where they get some dry clothes and warm food before they move on after usually a couple of hours. It seems to work quite smoothly here although extra hands are always welcome, and the majority of the people that I’ve spoken with say that Moria, the registration camp further in the south, is in greater need of help. It’s messy in Moria, they say, there are many active groups there, but it lacks coordination. I’ll try to go there the day after tomorrow, 26th of December, as there don’t seem to be many buses going on Christmas day. Apparently not many shops are open either. Not surprising, I’m just bad at timing.

I have a hotel mate from Finland and another one from Scotland (if I remember correctly); both of them will volunteer with one of the organisations here. I’ll probably go to Molyvos with them tomorrow. Another person told me to simply go to the beach when, or in case, a boat arrives (which happens everyday) although I don’t belong to an organisation. It sounds interesting, but at the same time I don’t know if I’d actually be of help of mostly in the way. Maybe I’ll just take a walk along the shore, to the close by town (or village?) Skala Sikamineas to check the situation there.

It has been an interesting day, although I still haven’t been able to do anything meaningful. Mainly, it has been interesting to hear other volunteers talk about the situations that they’ve experienced, the people that they’ve met. It’s so… Real? Anyhow. It’s really nice here with the mixture of people from different countries and backgrounds, working together to help the ones who arrive. It’ll be interesting to get started.

Good night!





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