To Moria

Today was another interesting, but not the too efficient, day. As mentioned I planned to go to Moria, and after 7 hours of trying to get to Moria, I finally arrived! Hitchhiking the whole way would probably have gone faster, or better yet, renting a car…

Anyhow, what have I done today?

I went back and forth way tooo many times along the north coast, in different cars, because I wasn’t sure about what I was doing [hitchhiking for the first time, check!]. Well, let’s see that as a study in human behaviour. Actually, staying here is very interesting from that point of view – you meet soooo many people and you have to cooperate with them in different kinds of ways. Or, if you don’t have a car, you’re just totally dependent on those strangers haha. My conclusion is that there are nice and not so nice people here, as anywhere in society (no shit Sherlock). Even though everyone is, supposedly, here to help, not everyone behaves in a very respectful manner. On the other hand, some people are just super-duper amazing *grateful* ❤

Going back and forth like that, at least I learned a bit more about the situation here. So apparently, no supplies are urgently lacking even though for example food products are always needed. There are warehouses on Lesvos full of clothes, blankets and so on for the refugees, the problem is that the items don’t always reach the people in need. The exact reason I don’t know, probably to some extent logistical, and to some extent due to gaps in communication and coordination. Now that is a dilemma – if there are enough supplies but the supplies are not always accessible for the people, should I still spend money on buying more things so that we can hand out when we meet people in need? It doesn’t feel very efficient (though I will most probably not be able to change the system…), but on the other hand a jacket in the storage doesn’t help a person who is freezing.

Some of your funds will be used to improve the communication system between the different teams and organisations working at the North Coast. At the moment it’s not too efficient, as mentioned above, resulting in sometimes way too many and sometimes no volunteers when a boat arrives, for example. I hope you that you agree that this work is of importance! Oh, and also, some money was spent soup ingredients. There are two Portuguese guys with some sort of food truck (?) at one of the beackes, all day, every day, handing out soup and tea for volunteers and newly arrived refugees. They almost don’t speak any English at all but they’re super sweet and always trying to feed us with soup and tea (and I get to practice my very bad Spanish)

And Moria, well. It’s very different from the centers in the North (for example at Skala Sikaminea, in the pictures posted yesterday, which looks quite nice and cozy if you ask me). It’s huge, crowded. There are pregnant women sleeping on the ground, children walking bare feet in the cold, people queuing for hours and hours to get registered. People stay for a longer time here, and they are more desperate. Two days ago I told you about a transit center; the people there are driven to Moria (or another camp called Kara Tepe for Syrian families).  Oh also, a new transit center opened today, organised by the International Rescue Committee. The old one will close around new year. The new one though has received some criticism due to it’s location in a rather remote valley, and the winding dirt roads might not be too friendly when the rain comes. It’s a very beautiful place, but not too practical.

At Moria anyways, I didn’t do much today, just took a walk through the camp. I will most probably write about Moria more during the coming days, I believe that there will be many things to tell you. I’ll also try to take more pictures, though I don’t like to take picture of people, or even their. Taking pictures makes me feel like we’re treating the camp as a zoo or something. Even though they don’t seem to mind – on the contrary, they were all smiling and posing as another volunteer was taking pictures of them.  But, we will see. You will see.IMG_5499

Much love ❤




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