Two years over

And so, my year as National Officer on Human Rights and Peace for IFMSA-Sweden is coming to an end. The General National Assembly is being held right now in my Local Committee, just like two years ago when I was elected as the Vice National Officer on Global Health and Human Rights. It makes me think of how everything began.

That weekend two years ago, I decided to drop by and help out in the evening because I was close by anyways. We were standing in kitchen when a friend (then running for president) suggested me to also run for the Team of Officials. ”Are you crazy?” I asked. I was a first year student, knowing pretty much NOTHING about IFMSA other than my local project. I wouldn’t want someone like me on such a position. ”You’ll be fine,” Hana reassured me.

The second day, members from the nominating committee approached me, and said: ”We’ve heard that you’re interested in applying for the Team of Officials! SCOPH and SCORP has just been merged, and we have one person from SCORP candidating but we would prefer to have two people. What do you think?” I nodded with big eyes. After they left, I found Hana and asked ”What does SCORP and SCOPH mean?” So, that’s how I entered the big world of IFMSA.

One day I was organising folders on my computer – they were named ”1. Red Cross”, ”2. School”, ”3. IFMSA”, ”4. Work” and so on. My friend looked at them and said: ”Soon, it will be ‘1. IFMSA'”. I laughed, skeptically. No way in the world, I thought, I’m not getting into this. Now, I don’t even have any folders called ”Red Cross” or ”School” any longer. It’s only been two years – two crazy years. Two crazy, intense and amazing years.

Looking back, I could have done so much differently. I could’ve done better, I could’ve done more. But all of that are lessons for tomorrow, because our work is not over. And in the end, I suppose that I have been fine. Above everything, I’m so extremely grateful for everything that I’ve learned along the way, for all the people that I’ve met and all the wonderful moments that we’ve shared.

I wish the coming IFMSA-Sweden TO an amazing year and all the participants of the National General Assembly the best possible weekend. How sad, to miss my last NGA as a national officer. :/ Nevertheless, this is far from the end – neither within the federation nor with my NMO (yes I do still love IFMSA-Sweden despite being fond of other people adopting me). We still have a loong way to go! 😀



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