Day 158: Another bomb in Ankara

Day 158, the day when I heard a bomb explode, for the first time in my life. Another bomb in central Ankara, death toll 5… 11… 18… 28…, and 10… no, 61 people injured.

We are at a café, maybe 2 km from the place where the incident is to happen. Suddenly, there is a loud boom. Everybody looks out, up, towards the sky, and at each other. No way, I thought. Phones are grabbed, news are read, calls to beloved ones are made. We are not allowed to leave the place for a while due to safety concerns. So, people return to playing cards, chatting and drinking tea.

Eventually, we can go out. The streets do not look very different, only more full of security forces. A helicopter flew above our heads.On the bus, the atmosphere is heavier than usual. People look into their phones with troubled expressions, and the buzzing of calls fills the air. ”Was that really a bomb?” someone asks. ”It happened before I left work”. ”How many people are injured?” Someone else is crying.

I’m home now, and I’m fine. I was thinking this morning that it was time for another ”I’m alive”-update, but I never expected to write this. Still, life is quite normal. When we read about how Turkey bombs Syria, about how close to war we might be, then it feels crazy. Apart from that, life is abnormally normal. But what else could we do? The million dollar question is: will my family call me and tell me to leave this country? Because I have those privileges, or those rights, that so many other people cannot access.



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