You are my hope

A family member suggested me to return to Sweden but I’m not considering going back home just yet. Nevertheless, I admit that I’m worried. When I look across the city, I wonder if the smoke from the explosions could be seen from here. I imagine how a city can be destroyed, turned into ruins, in the blink of an eye.

But what I am mostly worried about is the fear, the hate and the suspicion. I’m afraid of the accusations thrown between groups – may it be based on nationality, ethnicity religion or something else – because we simply cannot keep more than one thought in our heads. I am scared that the wrong ones will be punished – that people with foreign names will face increased discrimination where they live, that it will become even more difficult for the 60 million displaced persons to find a safe home. Please, please, people, do everything you can, to show the world that we are better than this.

As I tried to calm down unhappy relatives, I was wondering how normal this is. How often do similar things happen in other countries, without causing much of a response? How much attention did the attack in Ankara even get, outside of my circle of acquaintances and this city? Well, at least Facebook safety checked us. I wonder, how normalized can it become? Today, at least 140 people lost their lives in bomb blasts in Homs and Damascus. We still care, right?

I will not ask for you to stop the war, not today. But do something. Educate our children, teach them about humanity. Try to understand the people around you, in spite of our differences. Prove them wrong, the ones who try to divide us. Unite. Work together, help each other. Honestly, my hope lies in every one of you.



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