“Did I tell you that I drove the boat?”

Once again, Hummus Rights in the morning, and again in the female line. Not so much different from the day before; difficult and messy, but also a lot of fun and smiles and beautiful kids. Also beautiful adults. Uh. Humans.

After the distribution, I stayed and chatted with two young men from Syria, one of them spoke quite good English – let’s call him A. He invited me to their tent, where some of his friends were also sitting with two children. I offered them some biscuits, which I had bought the previous day. The parents declined, so I gave it to the kids. I’m rude, I know. The little boy was not more than 5 years old, I would guess. He took them and looked at me shyly. He grabbed a handful to give me. I shook my head, ”it’s for you!” He didn’t give up, just looking at me and holding the biscuits. I couldn’t say no to that.

“Did I tell you that I drove the boat?” A said, referring to the journey to Lesvos. Then he showed me some videos from the boat. “Look,” they pointed at a man with a scarf around his face. “He was so afraid, he didn’t want to see”. I understand him. “I was not afraid!” said A. “I was only afraid for him,” his brother commented, “He doesn’t know how to swim”. I’m happy everything went alright. They crossed midday, it was calm and sunny, the journey took around two hours. I’m always afraid when I hear of crossings. I had to get back to Polikastro, heading towards Thessaloniki, but promised to visit them again.

After visiting EuRegMe and getting lost on the way back, I arrived at the warehouse for a nightshift and some sorting. The clothes sorting soon became a fashion show with the oddest objects that we could find – not very efficient, but maybe good for our mental health? I was going to sleep next to the door to wake up in case someone would come. Couldn’t be bothered to make a new bed, so I just curled up on a pallet behind the distribution area. Northern Lights visited us some time before three, to pick up some blankets and similar, and the rest of the night was quiet.

Good morning,




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