Dentist, müsli and flipflops

I didn’t go with the Hummus Team today! I was at the dentist; it was actually quite nice. I was mostly standing outside and talking to the patients waiting – also recognizing some people from the day before.

A dentist student named came in the afternoon, eager to help. Sure I said, and went for falafel. I was immediately caught by some of the kids who used to be at the bread distribution in the mornings. They all spoke great Turkish, so we could communicate, yay! They were climbing around on the train, eating müsli provided by IFRC. For some reason, it just looked like… not for Europe. More like, somewhere with famine and you know, organisations dropping boxes with food. But then again, I’m living in a very privileged part of Europe (not referring to Turkey, but to Sweden) so I think my references are skewed anyways. “Come play with us!” they chanted. I stayed with them for a little while and promised to come back the following day, and visit their home in the train.

I then walked over to A’s tent group, since I didn’t go there during the previous days. ”I have to visit some families,” I told him last time. ”Everyone is visiting families, people only visit families. What about us?” I sighed. It’s true, I think. But also, I understand why families get more attention. It’s just difficult. But anyways, we met up and spoke for some minutes before I had to head back to the dentist container.

“Let’s count flip flops!” back at the warehouse, we sit with a report from UNHCR playing around with the data. I like this; it looks structured. Also it’s interesting to see the numbers of people in camps, compared to capacity, and so on.We ended up with some enourmous number – around 27’000 people in our vicinity, to whom we want to provide different items. Uhm. We cut it down to 8300.  (Idomeni not included)

UNHCR stats.png



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