Puppy cake (Chocolate cake)

Specially dedicated to my flatmates here in Ankara.

Known as ”Puppy cake” in our flat because apparently the smell resembles puppies, in a good way. Like new born puppies, which apparently smell good. I’ve never smelled new born puppies but if they smell like chocolate, I suppose it would make sense.

Vegan Puppy cake (Chocolate cake / Mud cake)
4 dl sugar
2 dl oil (sunflower)
3 dl Soy milk (or water, or milk if you don’t want to be vegan)
5 dl flour
8 table spoon kako
2 tea spoon vanilla sugar
0,5 tea spoon salt
6 table spoon coffee (or not)
+ nuts if we want

Mix everything in a pot. Put in oven for about 40 minutes, 150°. It should be soft, liquid is fine, on the inside, but at least the surface should not move when you shake the pot.

If you’re fancy, you can eat it with cream, or ice cream, or fruits or something. If you’re like us, you eat it with a spoon directly from the pot. It’s hard to take it out from the pot and keep it pretty. It’s not supposed to be pretty, it’s supposed to be tasty.


Don’t turn it upside down. Just don’t.


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