Swedish medical student of Chinese origin who likes human rights, diversity and equality, and cute, fluffy animals.

I was told to create a blog, and after 5 months of feeling too lazy, I decided to actually do it. What will this be about? I have no idea. Probably a mixture between political issues (if I dare), random thoughts, interesting experiences and other things in life. Such as, I don’t know, food maybe.

I like to write and to think, sometimes, but I also like to procrastinate and sleep. Also when I write, it usually takes shape as Facebook comments or incomplete post-it notes, so most probably I will not update regularly. However, this space  will act as an archive for things that I have said or done that qualify into the category of save-worthy. I have my moments sometimes.

That’s it, good to see you here!

Please don’t have any expectations, I don’t like to disappoint people.



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